Accommodation on SNP Trail (E8 path in Slovakia)


You will find here a list of hotels, guest houses, shelters, and camping places on the trail. Each entry includes name of the place (in local language), location (either GPS or km on the trail, or both), contact number or email, and basic description, expressed in signs. See below the explanation of signs:

  • Hotel/hostel/guest house – Simply an accommodation inside, with reception and a warm bed.
  • Camping place/site – Place where you can pitch a tent, can be both organized and rural/wild.
  • Shelter – Ability to sleep inside, but without a reception or a bed (you need your own sleeping bag, but are protected from rain and wind with walls all around you.
  • Picnic place covered with a roof. Not exactly a shelter, since you won’t have four walls protecting you. But you can sleep dry in this type of a shelter, since a roof protects it from rain and snow.
  •  Eating options. The sign indicates that you can buy some food in the place.
  • The sign indicates that you can find a water spring near the site (when , we do not show the water sign)
  • Dog friendly. Do you hike with your beloved companion? This sign indicates that the place where you want to stay is god-friendly (dogs can stay either directly with you, or have a special and comfy place assigned for them outside),
  • ,,, – Price symbols. Free sign indicates free shelter or donativo concept (you can give some money but do not have to), one dollar sign means inexpensive (range 1-15euro/night for a room/bed), two dollar signs indicate average price (15-35 euro per night for a room),  and three dollar signs indicate a rather expensive accommodation (35+ euro for a room). If no symbol is displayed, it means that you can stay for free (most shelters and wild camping places)

That’s it for explanations, let’s start with the list!

Section no.1, from Dukla to Košice


Section no.2, From Košice, Čermaľ to Donovaly


Section no.3, From Donovaly To Trenčín

  • Km 14, Emergency shelter “Pod Repišťom, N48.87997° E19.11027°,,* bad condition, use only in case of emergency.
  • Km 21, Kráľova Studňa hotel, N48.87605° E19.04098°, Tel: +421911827079, ,, ,
  • Km 25, Emergency Shelter “Pod Krásnym Kopcom, N48.86265° E19.0272°, ,
  • Km 43, Cabanka shelter, N48.76741° E19.00829°, ,, * 250 meters detour from the trail, follow marks to Cabanka from Kordícke sedlo crossroad
  • Km 46, Picnic stand at Gergeliho Tunel, N48.74919° E18.99709°, ,
  • Km 48, Skalka ski center, different accommodation options and restaurants
  • Km 53, Pension “Stred Európy, N48.72565° E18.94185°,Tel: 00421456742846,, , * huge capacity, always available, 500 meters detour from the road, follow blue marks to the center of Krahule village
  • Km 64, Covered sitting area at Medvedí Prameň spring, N48.72854° E18.82336°, ,, * recently renovated, in good condition
  • Km 68, Hut of local radio amateurs, N48.75753° E18.81927°, , * if somebody is in the hut, you may sleep inside. Of not, you can use the covered area in front of the hut. Beautiful spot with nice views. 
  • Km 76, Camping site Jalovské Lazy, N48.7984° E18.76559°, ,,
  • Km 83, Camping site near hut Štyri Choráre, N48.83779° E18.7228°, ,, , spring location: N48.84132° E18.71948°
  • Km 88, Picnic shelter near Žiare, N48.86306° E18.7025°, ,, * near a hunting hut, you can use the sitting/camping place outside the hut, as well as the nearby spring
  • Km 102, Vrícke Sedlo, emergency camping site, * right in the pass, next to the road (a quiet one). Not a convenient place but if you arrive here in the evening there’s a flat space where you can camp.
  • Km 111, Fačkovské sedlo, Guest House & Restaurant Kľak/Mountain hotel Kľak, N48.96315° E18.6111°, Tel: 00421918397949,,, , * the hotel is much cheaper than the modern guest house, however they often organize camps for children in summer, and you will find free rooms only in the guest house (right above the restaurant).
  • Km 122, Čičmany, various options for accommodation but no grocery store
  • Km 128, Strážov pass, N48.95912° E18.46367°, ,, * You can either camp directly in the “pass”, or just use the spring there and camp on the meadows close to the peak of Strážov.
  • Km 131, Tourist hostel Zliechov, N48.94875° E18.42955°, Tel: 00421910268087,,,
  • Km 144, Camping ground at Srvátkova Lúka, N48.9302° E18.33011°, ,
  • Km 148, Amphitheater Horná Poruba, N48.93248° E18.30827°, ,* 250 meters detour from the trail, walking up the village. Walking down (in the opposite direction), you’ll find shop and taverns.
  • Km 150, “Santa Fe” shelter, N48.9267° E18.29158°, ,
  • Km 156, Shelter below Omšenská Baba, N48.91489° E18.2345°, ,,, * new, in good condition, right below the spring. 
  • Km 157, Bôčky meadows, N48.9173° E18.22212°, ,
  • Km 163, Trenčianke Teplica, all services, spa town, you can look directly on
  • Km 171, Pension Kyselka, N48.88639° E18.09355°, Tel: 00421905708634, ,, * next to mineral water spring
  • Km 176, Trenčín, all services, plenty of accommodation options, check directly on


Section no.4, From Trenčín to Devín castle

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