Accommodation on SNP Trail (E8 path in Slovakia)


You will find here a list of hotels, guest houses, shelters, and camping places on the trail. Each entry includes name of the place (in local language), location (either GPS or km on the trail, or both), contact number or email, and basic description, expressed in signs. See below the explanation of signs:

  • Hotel/hostel/guest house – Simply an accommodation inside, with reception and a warm bed.
  • Camping place/site – Place where you can pitch a tent, can be both organized and rural/wild.
  • Shelter – Ability to sleep inside, but without a reception or a bed (you need your own sleeping bag, but are protected from rain and wind with walls all around you.
  • Picnic place covered with a roof. Not exactly a shelter, since you won’t have four walls protecting you. But you can sleep dry in this type of a shelter, since a roof protects it from rain and snow.
  •  Eating options. The sign indicates that you can buy some food in the place.
  • The sign indicates that you can find a water spring near the site (when , we do not show the water sign).
  • Dog friendly. Do you hike with your beloved companion? This sign indicates that the place where you want to stay is dog-friendly (dogs can stay either directly with you, or have a comfy place assigned for them outside of the building).
  • ,,, Price symbols. Free sign indicates a free shelter or donativo concept (you can give some money but do not have to), one dollar sign means inexpensive (range 1-15euro/night for a room/bed), two dollar signs indicate average price (15-35 euro per night for a room),  and three dollar signs indicate a rather expensive accommodation (35+ euro for a room). If no symbol is displayed, it means that you can stay for free (most shelters and wild camping places)

That’s it for explanations, let’s start with the list!

Section no.1, from Dukla to Košice